Chapter 313

Rowena’s makeup looked very light and elegant today, and her dress looked grand. “Didn’t Nolan tell you anything?” Maisie paused for a split second. “What should he tell me about?” Rowena looked at her and explained, “I’m now Nolan’s assistant. Eh? Didn’t Nolan tell you about this?” Maisie chuckled and crossed her arms. “Oh, it turns out to be about this. I thought you were about to bring up a big deal.” ‘She’s here to show off the second she becomes Nolan’s assistant?’ “Ms. Vanderbilt, please don’t misunderstand us. After all, this is Grandpa’s arrangement. Grandpa wants me to learn more from Nolan, so I guess you wouldn’t mind this, right?” She mentioned the old man only to make it clear to Maisie that she was the person that Titus valued the most. ‘As long as Grandpa still stands by my side, there’s no way that you’re taking a step into the Goldmanns!’ Not knowing what Rowena was expecting from her, Maisie gave off a brilliant smile. “Why would I misunderstand the both of you

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