Chapter 316

If this was the past, Nolan would probably be a useless king! And that useless son of his, the father-and-son duo were the same. They even worked together to rebel! Rowena advised in a low voice, “Don’t be angry, Grandpa. I think the problem is Ms. Vanderbilt instead of Nolan.” “What do you mean?” Titus asked. Rowena pouted. “Grandpa, if I told you, Nolan would say that I was complaining to you.” “Don’t worry, I’m on your side. Just say it as it is.” Titus showed that he would support her. That made Rowena slowly say, “Ms. Vanderbilt kept bothering Nolan and wanted him to bring her to the meeting. And her attitude toward me was horrendous. She probably thinks that I’m a threat to her. “She targeted me at the camp for no reason. On the day of her assessment, Nolan suddenly went to the camp with me. I think she probably told him something, and that was why he didn’t trust me.” She was trying to paint Maisie as the troublemaker, and if it weren’t for her, Nolan wouldn't be so rec

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