Chapter 322

Maisie was stunned for a moment upon hearing what Helios had said. However, the scale soon dropped before her eyes, and she realized what he was talking about. Someone was hiding in the dark to take pictures of them. Therefore, she did not turn her head around. She walked to her car with Kennedy, and just as they expected, the scene of them parting ways was captured by the paparazzo in the dark. He looked at the few photos in his camera, licked his lips, and a triumphant smile crawled upon his lips. He was confident that these photos would cause a sensation across the town, and the editor-in-chief would praise him. When Maisie and Kennedy returned to Soul, she suddenly thought of something and said to Kennedy, “Uncle Kennedy, please keep an eye on the news for me these days.” “News? What for?” “Yes. When we parted ways with Helios, he warned me that there were paparazzi around. We were probably caught on camera.” Honestly, Maisie was not worried about what they would write abo

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