Chapter 324

Nolan frowned. He knew that Elder Master Goldmann would show up today. That was the reason he had informed the receptionist to tell Titus that he was not in the office. He did not expect him to come straight up to his office. Titus pushed the door to the office open. When he saw Nolan, he harrumphed. “Hmph! What now? Are you going to cut ties with your grandfather?” Nolan put his legs down, placed his phone on the table, and leaned back slightly. There was no expression on his face as he said, "You know I wouldn't do that." “You wouldn’t do that?” Titus’ face was dark, “You refuse to come home because of that woman, and now you're telling me that you wouldn't dare to do that?” Nolan harrumphed coldly. “If my memories serve me right, you’re the one who chased me out of the house. Since you want me to stay out of your face, what’s the point for me to go back?” “Nolan, you must have been bewitched by that woman. Did you see what that woman did? She took Daisie to meet up with the el

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