Chapter 327

‘It must’ve been painful, right?’ Maisie was stunned and could not help but feel a sense of irritation in her nasal cavity. She then stood up to hold back her grievances. “I’m not hurt. I only want you to be alright.” “These people are mad. They actually pretended to be Mr. Helios’ fans and did such a thing to children.” Angela knew that those people were not Helios’ fans at all. Although Helios’ fans were notorious for their foul mouths, they had never caused chaos to their idol. ‘Where did those people find the courage to pose as someone else and make a fuss here!?’ Maisie smiled at her. “Thank you for taking care of them. I’ll take over here.” Angela nodded. Back at the Blue Bay villa… Probably because of the new environment. Waylon and Daisie were delighted, as if the incident that they had just gone through did not leave much impact on them. “Wow, we can see the sea from here!” The beach villa that they had been staying in before this was not located anywhere close to the

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