Chapter 341

Nolan turned his head to look at Maisie and saw her stiff and upright posture as if she was in military training. He could not help but burst into laughter. But this scene was photographed, and anyone with a discerning eye could see that the smile was overflowing with affection. After taking a few photos, Nolan still picked the first picture when he was choosing which one to keep. After leaving the city hall, Maisie laughed out of anger when she saw the photo that he had chosen. “You actually chose this one!? I look so ugly in this one!” Nolan rubbed her head. “You don’t look ugly but very cute instead.” Maisie indeed did not look unsightly. Otherwise, she would not have surprised him with her appearance when they first met. However, after getting along with her for a longer time, he realized that even the most breathtaking woman could have such a sweet side. ‘She can sometimes be so silly that she looks adorable.’ Maisie pouted. ‘This man’s appearance is really divine! He look

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