Chapter 362

A lot of netizens went to Maisie’s Twitter to question her about his, but some of them thought that the couple was just trying to ride her fame. The hype of Maisie and Nolan getting registered was still recent, so the couple must have come out and accused Maisie of being behind their daughter’s death. “Do you think Ms. Vanderbilt really caused someone’s death?” “We shouldn’t come to conclusions so quickly. Didn’t you notice that any news about Ms. Vanderbilt would be proven false after a few days?” “What if it’s true this time?” A few employees were having a discussion when Maisie showed up. They had heard that Ms. Vanderbilt had slapped Ms. Summers because she ‘spread rumors’, and Mr. Goldmann had just let her do it. With that as a precedent, no one would dare say anything out of line anymore. Cherie followed Maisie and heard the discussion. “Don’t worry, Maisie. Mr. Goldmann said that he will take care of this.” Maisie turned to look at her and said in a whisper. “Cherie, I nee

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