Chapter 371

In the night, at Blue Bay villa… Maisie made dinner, and for a moment, she was lost in the conversation that she had had with Erwin in the afternoon. Soon, she recovered from the trance and realized that she did not see Nolan come downstairs. Thus, Maisie went to the study and heard Nolan’s voice when she was about to knock on the door. “An engine failure caused it? Are you sure?” Maisie’s raised hand was retracted slowly. ‘What engine failure is he talking about?’ “Mr. Winters hasn’t woken up yet? “Okay, I got it. “You should cooperate with the police’s investigation first to see if the couple had contacted anyone before the accident or if there was any trace of money transfer in their bank account.“ Nolan ended the call, turned his head, and saw Maisie pushing the door to come in. Seeing Maisie’s expression, he slowly opened his tightly pursed lips. “Zee, you—” “I heard it all,” Maisie interrupted him calmly. “Has that couple run into an accident?” Nolan walked up to her, g

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