Chapter 373

Maisie placed her hand on Nolan’s shoulder. “Is Quincy ready now?” Nolan raised his eyebrows. “What do you think?” That night… No one was guarding outside the ICU ward of the hospital. When the nurse on duty was doing her rounds, she saw a doctor walking by and greeted him. The doctor nodded at her and walked toward the ICU ward. When he arrived at the door of the ward and saw the nurse walking away, he pushed the door open and entered. He then saw the person lying on the bed through the faint light from outside the ward, walked up to the bed, and took a bottle and syringe out of his pocket. He pricked the needle into the infusion bag, and just as he was about to squeeze the syringe and let the liquid inside seep into the bag, the light of the ward was turned on abruptly. He turned his head instantly, and Cherie had already punched him to the ground. Quincy asked the bodyguards behind her to subdue him on the ground and tore off his face mask. The man looked sulky as he glared

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