Chapter 381

The smell of rain on Nolan’s body, coupled with the faint Gucci cologne and the minty smell of tobacco on his cloth, rushed to Maisie’s nose. “I’m sorry for making you worry about me.” Maisie pushed him away softly. “What are you guys doing here? Did someone get hurt?” Quincy scratched the tip of his nose and replied, “Well, someone did get hurt, but it’s not us.” Maisie was stumped. She lifted her head and looked at Nolan. Nolan lifted his brow. “Nolan!” When she heard the voice, Maisie turned her head and saw Titus and Rowena were rushing into the hospital. A hint of surprise crossed Rowena’s eyes when she saw that Nolan and the others were fine. However, it soon disappeared, and she asked softly, “Are you alright, Nolan? Elder Master Goldmann heard that you guys nearly got into an accident, so he rushed here to check on you all.” Nolan did not look at her. He turned to Titus and said, “I’m fine.” Titus heaved out a long sigh of relief inwardly when he saw that Nolan was fi

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