Chapter 383

When Nolan had told her that there was a plan, she thought he was going to expose Rowena in front of Titus. It turned out that he had found one of his men and performed a show? Quincy grinned and replied, “Ms. Vanderbilt, we didn’t stage this ourselves. Someone indeed ambushed Mr. Goldmann and me while we were on our way back. It’s raining out there, and the road is slippery. Had it not been for my superb driving skills, we would be the ones in the hospital right now. Those thugs weren’t seriously injured, so we sent them to the police station. After that, Mr. Goldmann and I decided to go with the flow and find someone to put up a show.” “Seriously?” Maisie looked at Nolan. “But are they really Rowena’s men?” ‘Isn’t Rowena in love with Nolan? Why would she do that?’ Looking at her, Nolan smiled and replied, “Those people in the police station have confessed everything. Someone wanted them to put the blame on the de Arma family.” Maisie recalled how Rowena had been so certain tha

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