Chapter 389

The lights in the room were turned on. The man narrowed his eyes and stared fixedly at Quincy, who came in with a laptop. “I… I won’t give you sh*t.” Even though he was starving and could no longer bear the hunger, he still held on to his promise. Quincy replied, “I didn’t come here to get any information out of you.” The man was stunned, but he was so exhausted that he did not want to talk more. Quincy pulled a chair over, sat down, and placed a bottle of mineral water that he brought along by his feet. “It doesn’t matter if you want to disclose the information. After all, someone will speak up even if you don’t give us anything.” The man stared at the bottle of water, and his already pallid face turned completely bloodless. He felt like a fish that was about to die from thirst in a desert. His desire to get his hand on the water bottle was so intense that his throat hurt when he swallowed his saliva. Quincy turned on the laptop and turned the screen to him. “I wonder if this p

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