Chapter 404

Maisie asked softly, “When are you departing?” Nolan stared at her lovingly and whispered, “Tomorrow.” He then lifted his eyebrows slightly. “Do you still plan to cling to me?” Maisie pursed her lips and did not utter a single word, but this reaction looked very enchanting to Nolan, and he gazed at her with an obsessed expression. Holding her waist, he turned over and changed positions with her. “Nolan, you haven’t even told me where you’re going.” Maisie struggled by hitting and kicking him, but her arms were clasped by one of his. The next day… A ray of sunlight seeped into the room through the gap in between the curtains. Maisie was awakened by the beam, turned over, and habitually stretched out her arm to hug the person beside him, but the person was not beside her. She sat up only to find that the space next to her had cooled down long ago. Maisie walked downstairs, and there was breakfast on the table as usual. No one was there, only a note that was pressed under the gl

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