Chapter 408

“You tell me first.” Sweat started forming along the man’s hairline. His eyes were locked on the woman for a while. This woman… was asking for it! After a long while, Nolan carried her into the bathroom to take care of her. Even when she was angry, Nolan helped her with her strap, seeing how delicate Maisie looked. His long fingers caressed her skin, making her make a funny face. He sniggered. “Are you really angry at me?” Maisie ignored him. Nolan looked at her, chuckled warmly, and said, “Do you plan to speak to me like this from now on?” He was helpless. “Aren’t you ashamed?” Maisie snatched the bathrobe back from him and stared at him. “It’s nothing compared to your thick skin.” Nolan got up, put his hands on the dresser with her between his arms, and smiled drily. “Alright, Zee, I’m sorry.” Maisie stared at him. “I’m going to shower, get out.” Nolan nodded and stood up straight. “Okay, I’ll wait for you outside.” After Maisie was done with her shower, she changed back

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