Chapter 411

The rest of the people did not just sit by and do nothing. They all gathered around Maisie and asked her a lot of questions. Maisie answered each of their questions patiently and fluently. Jones was watching from the sidelines. The man with curly hair beside him put his arm on his shoulder and asked with his eyebrows raised, “Jones, do you like her?” “Me?” Jones glanced at him and grinned. “Yeah, but unfortunately, she’s married.” “She’s married? Well, that means no more chances.” The man with curly hair shrugged. Jones took the golf club and hit the ball off the lawn, but it seemed to miss the mark. The blue-haired fellow at the side chuckled. “Ms. Zora seems to be pretty good at this.” He was looking at Maisie, and Jones followed his line of sight. Not far away, Maisie put both hands on the club and hit the ball into the hole with great precision. “Yeah, you’re right,” Jones commended as a hint of appreciation crossed his eyes. There were very few women around him who could pl

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