Chapter 414

Daniel pushed Rowena on the bed and relentlessly tore her bathrobe apart. However, he did not have any desire to look at her body. “Back then, when Nolan's mother was kidnapped, you were able to push all the blame away from you. You fooled even Titus, so you think your trick would work on me?” Compared to humiliation, Rowena had nothing but fear at the moment. She did not even have the nerves to look him in the eye. The most terrifying fact about Daniel was that he was heartless. He did not have a heart for compassion, and he was even more ruthless than the Goldmanns. He would not trust anyone easily, and he could see through one's mind through the eyes. He was the most terrifying existence she had ever come across, and that was exactly the reason she had been avoiding him in the past at all cost. Once he got his eyes on someone, he would coil around that person like a snake until one was suffocated. Rowena’s blood turned cold, and she stammered, “Mr. Kent, I… I’m not trying to us

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