Chapter 417

“Zee, stop…” Nolan was like a lion that was about to wake up from a hundred years' worth of hibernation, and his aura became terrifying. Nonetheless, Maisie still acted recklessly. Although the blood in his body was already boiling, he tried his best to suppress himself and keep everything under control. “You’ve picked up quite a few bad habits.” “All humans change.” Maisie wrapped her arms around his neck, and her scarlet lips hooked upward slightly. “How about begging me?” Nolan was helpless. He kissed her in a daze and let off a hoarse voice. “Okay, please.” The next day… Maisie had just finished putting on her makeup when someone knocked on the door all of a sudden. Cherie went to open the door for her and saw a waitress standing outside with a purple gift box in her hands. “This is what Mr. Goldmann asked me to deliver to this room.“ Cherie accepted the gift box and thanked the waitress before she left. Maisie walked out of the room and saw the gift box in Cherie’s hands,

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