Chapter 422

Maisie got up and slowly walked to him. “Can you tell me about them?” … “Ah!” Rowena collapsed on the floor covered in blood after being whipped. Her skin split open, each wound deep and shaking. She raised her head with dried lips to stare at the man vaping on the chair. “Mr. Kent— I-I really didn’t lie to you, I didn’t know how Maisie was related to the Metropolis.” Daniel let out a puff of smoke, his eyes piercing. “I tried so hard to get Nolan into my trap. I was so close to catching him.” Rowena’s lips and teeth were trembling. Daniel put down his leg, got up, and walked toward her with his long legs. He looked down at the woman who was lying on the floor in bad shape. “It’s all because of you. You messed up my plan because you didn’t check on that woman?” Rowena raised her hand to tug at his pants. “Mr. Kent, I’m sorry, give me another chance! I-I can fix this. I’ll do anything.” “Haha.” Daniel squatted down and grabbed her hair, tugging at her scalp. It hurt, but she d

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