Chapter 435

Rowena was kicked into the corner of the wall while Daniel loosened his tight tie, his gaze gloomy and sulky. “B*tch, are you regretting your decision and plan to betray me now?” Rowena shuddered and climbed to his feet. “No, I really didn’t betray you. Maisie asked someone to bring me there and tried to threaten me. I really didn’t say anything, I swear!” Daniel leaned over and pinched her chin with her fingertips. “Rowena Summers, you know too many secrets now. Do you think I’ll believe in what you say?” Rowena trembled from head to toe. Daniel had always been a suspicious man and especially hated traitors the most. Even though she had not said anything, she now knew a lot of secrets that she should not know, including the virus incident! “I swear, I really didn’t tell her anything. Mr. Kent, you have to believe me, I really didn’t tell her anything! I’ve been set up!” Rowena was crying and begging. It was her fate that Daniel had found her. ‘I can’t go back to the Night Banqu

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