Chapter 447

Nolan moved the ashtray aside and tapped the table with his fingertips. “Does Hernandez know about this?” He was referring to what had happened to Maisie in Stoslo. Quincy paused for a split second and then replied, “I think Hernandez should know.” … Maisie was soon taken to the Lucases, and she somehow managed to guess why Hernandez was looking for her. Larissa led her to the study, where Hernandez was standing in front of the window with his hands behind his back. He then asked without even looking back, “Were you and Nolan attacked in Stoslo?” Maisie gave off a faint smile. “Your information seems to travel at lightspeed.” “Heh, Stoslo is a territory under my watch, anyway. They reported the news to me right after they received the news. It seems that those people can’t hold back anymore.” Hernandez turned around calmly, and his gaze landed on Maisie. “I’m correct, after all. Although I won’t use you to deal with the Goldmanns since you and Nolan are together, the other part

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