Chapter 459

“Back then, the Kents were still my allies. They gave me a vial and told me that it was a vaccine that could resist the virus infection. So because I trusted in the Kents and how much I worried about my daughter’s wellbeing, I bought it with a lot of money. I then injected the vaccine into my daughter.“ Hernandez clenched his fists and gnashed his teeth. “I didn’t expect my daughter to be still infected by the virus. It’s no wonder she would suddenly leave the de Armas a year later and travel to Morwich with Strix. Those people actually lied to me for decades! “As for that vial, it was not the vaccine at all but a prototype of the virus, and they lied to me so that I would use my daughter for the experiment!“ The atmosphere in the office remained silent for a moment while Nolan poured himself a cup of tea and then asked slowly, “Is the virus part of their experiment?” ‘Erwin told me in Stoslo that my infection is only the first step.’ Hernandez’s emotional breakdown was caused upo

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