Chapter 475

Maisie was taken aback. She raised her head up and looked at the man before her. The man had a clean face and a pair of piercing blue eyes. He looked about the same age as Erwin, and he also exuded the same regal aura as Erwin. He was wearing a dark gray striped suit with a peacock blue tie and a tie clip in the shape of a snake. The man squatted down and helped her get to her feet. He looked at her face for a short while and chuckled. “You indeed are her daughter. Both of you are so alike.” “Who are you?” Maisie asked in confusion. “Did Erwin not tell you about me?” The man helped her get back to her bed. He stared at her for a moment and said faintly, “Well, I guess he hasn't told you anything.” He pulled a chair and sat with his legs crossed beside the bed. He put both his hands on his leg and said, “I now go by the name Henry. Erwin is a member of Metropolis, and he’s my most trusted member. I asked him to stay by your mother’s side and protect her.” He paused for a moment an

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