Chapter 485

Ryleigh was leaving when Quincy said, “Mr. Goldmann has his reasons.” Ryleigh paused and turned around, but Quincy had already gone back inside. In the study, Nolan looked out the window and remembered something. The coldness he exuded turned bone-chilling, and Quincy felt that when he got to the door. “Mr. Goldmann, Ms. Hills left,” he said. “Mm.” Nolan was focused, but he just nodded. Quincy frowned when Nolan didn’t ask. “Mr. Goldmann, are you not going to ask why she was here?” Nolan didn’t look affected, but the hand on his leg was clutched tight while his eyes were cold. “It doesn’t matter anymore.” Quincy glanced at him and didn’t say anything more. Saying that it didn’t matter was a lie. Anyone could tell how important Maisie was to him and how she was the dearest person to him. If it didn’t matter, he wouldn’t have investigated the accident from three years ago and tried to find news of her all over the world, nor would he have sent someone to Morwich… He hadn’t se

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