Chapter 500

“You’re still awake.” His voice was a little coarse but sounded sultry. Maisie paused and clenched her jaw. “Who told you that? I was asleep.” Nolan was quiet for a moment before quietly saying, “Your lights are still on.” Maisie got up and walked to her window. A black car was parked outside her gates, and Nolan was standing in front of the car, looking dashing and tall in a brown trenchcoat. The light shining on him made him look lonely. Maisie rubbed the center of her brows because her head was aching. “Nolan, do you need anything?” “No.” He looked up at the window. “I was just passing by.” Maisie laughed. “You drove all the way here to pass by? Mr. Goldmann, your excuse is terrible.” “Roger sent someone to see you.” Nolan took a cigarette out of the packet. Maisie squinted. “How did you find out?” Nolan held the cigarette in his hand but didn’t put it to his lips. “He wouldn’t give up on the de Armas’ territory.” “That’s true, but I won’t back down either.” Maisie turned

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