Chapter 502

Maisie turned her head around and looked at her phone. She had not received a single message or call from Nolan ever since yesterday. ‘Is he really not going to explain himself?’ Maisie thought, ‘Hmph! I shouldn’t believe in his bullsh*t anymore!’ She took out the name card and said, “Saydie, help me to contact Daniel.” In the afternoon, Maisie brought Saydie to the Kent mansion. The maid prepared a cup of tea for her, and soon, Daniel came down from the stairs. Daniel walked up to the couch with a smile on his face and took a seat. “I knew you would come to find me, Ms. Alice.” Maisie looked at him expressionlessly and asked, “I believe you aren't the one who brought the reporters to Season's Restaurant yesterday to take pictures of us, are you, Mr. Kent?” “Could it be that you think it's me who made our meeting public, Ms. Alice?” Daniel sat with his legs crossed as he replied nonchalantly, “Well, unfortunately, it isn’t me. But since all media outlets are curious about your

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