Chapter 504

Similarly, Titus was surprised to see Maisie here as well. “Maisie? What’re you doing here?” Titus knew Maisie was alive. After all, they couldn’t find her corpse back then, so that could only mean she was still alive. It was just that he didn’t expect to see her in Stoslo. Maisie calmed herself down and approached them. “Where’s Nolan?” Just when Quincy wanted to say something, Titus’ face sank, and he answered, “Both of you stopped being husband and wife three years ago, so why are you still looking for him?” “If I didn’t come here, how would I know he’s infected with the virus?” Quincy was stunned when he heard what Maisie said. ‘How did she learn about it?’ Titus frowned and harrumphed coldly. “Isn't it because of you that he got infected with the virus?” Maisie was stumped, and her heart trembled. “Maisie, why do you think Nolan was so hellbent on getting a divorce with you back then?” Titus took a deep breath and said in a stern voice, “He could sacrifice his life for yo

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