Chapter 520

Daniel raised his head and looked at Maisie. “I think you don't need me to tell you who the eldest princess and the hoodlum are, right?” Maisie chuckled silently and replied, “So? So? The woman you're talking about is the woman who founded the Kents, and she’s your grandmother.” “Bingo.” There was no emotion in Daniel’s eyes. He looked straight at Maisie as if he was looking at a corpse and continued. “That old wealthy merchant is not related to us by blood. Thanks to my grandmother, she has continued his bloodline.” “It was your grandfather who infected the eldest princess with the virus and caused the outbreak, wasn’t it?” Daniel leaned back slightly in his chair. He looked at her with a cold smirk tugging on his lips and said, “Usually it is better to destroy what you can't get. In the end, it's all because of my grandfather that the prince has the power and status he has today.” His grandfather had drawn Prince Roger, the illegitimate son who was not valued by the royal famil

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