Chapter 522

Daniel strangled her with his big hand. “Huh? Do you really believe that someone will come to save you?” Maisie’s face was flushed from being strangled as it became difficult for her to breathe, but she still forced a smile. “The basement is hidden at such a secluded location, I think you don’t only have the sleeper virus kept here, do you? There should be other viruses here too. “Will the people here be able to escape if there is a leakage?“ Daniel still did not respond. Maisie suddenly lifted her foot and kicked him in the crotch. He was in excruciating pain, but his expression did not give off much of how he felt at the moment. His sharp gaze looked as if he was about to eat her alive. She quickly broke free from the rope that was strapping her while the medical staff behind Daniel pulled out their guns immediately but did not dare to pull the trigger. Although they were wearing protective clothing, they were not wearing protective masks. Once the other viruses were triggered,

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