Chapter 525

Nolan stopped moving forward and did not look back. “I’m not afraid of dying. I’m only afraid of dying in front of her.” He turned his head. “Get Waylon to come over to accompany her tomorrow.” The next day… Maisie was sitting on the bed, reading the newspaper. Sure enough, after Daniel died and the truth about the virus was exposed, those people really put all the blame onto the Kents. They did not even mention what they had done with the Kents. They had used the Kents to study this technology, so much so that the Kents had fallen and Daniel had died for their scheme in the end. They did not even have to worry about being implicated. “Mommy!” Maisie turned around upon hearing that voice and looked out the door in surprise. Her eyes turned bloodshot in an instant. “Waylon!?” Waylon dashed to the bed, and Maisie hugged him. “Waylon, is this you? Mommy missed you so much!” The children were now eight years old, and they had only been three tiny rugrats back then. Although they

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