Chapter 530

Titus was probably regretting it. “Mr. Goldmann?” Quincy saw Nolan standing at the stairs and was surprised. Had he heard everything? Nolan slowly walked down the stairs and stopped in front of Maisie, giving her a half-smile. “I thought you had left.” Maisie placed the cutlery on the table. “I still have to make breakfast for my son and my son’s father before I leave.” Nolan smiled warmly when he heard ‘my son’s father’. “It looks like you’ve made my grandfather lose sleep and appetite for the next few days.” Maisie poured a glass of freshly squeezed orange juice for Waylon. “I was just being honest, was I wrong?” Nolan grinned, hugged her while ignoring everyone around, and sniffed her hair. “Mm, that’s great.” Maisie saw that everyone was there and pushed him away with her elbow while blushing. “Stop it and have your breakfast. I need to go back later.” “Mommy, are you leaving again?” Waylon, who was having breakfast, looked a little sad when he heard ‘go back’. Maisie’s

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