Chapter 532

Marlo looked at him and said, “If you're going to use her blood to develop new antibodies, the survival rate of the antibodies in non-living blood is quite low after the blood is drawn and broken down.” In other words, they only had a few seconds to carry out the extraction process after drawing her blood, and once they failed, they had to start all over. Thus, how many times were they going to draw her blood? Were they going to draw all of her blood? What if they couldn’t make it no matter how many times they tried? Strix understood everything he said. Initially, he did not want to use this method either. However, when he thought of Maisie saying that she believed in him, he felt he couldn't let her down. Strix did not want to let her down, but he was worried that he couldn't make it. He couldn’t develop the antibodies to save Marina back then, so could he do it now? He did not know. He has been living with guilt all these years. He indulged himself in all sorts of things,

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