Chapter 534

While they were on their way back, Nolan had been looking outside through the window, his gaze deep. Quincy glanced at him through the rear mirror and asked, “Mr. Goldmann, is that Sue really Strix’s apprentice? Don’t you think she’s a little bit too young?” Nolan withdrew his gaze and said, “Well, we’ll know about it after we find Hernandez.” “Hernandez?” Quincy was stunned. “Are you saying that Hernandez knows Strix? During the outbreak 30 years ago, Strix made a name for himself after he showed up in Stoslo. However, other than knowing his name, it's said that only a few people have seen him. No one else has seen him after he left the medical world. How does Hernandez know Strix?” Nolan lifted his head and replied, “It’s because of Marina.” “Ms. Vanderbilt’s mother?” Quincy was taken aback. “Wasn’t Ms. Vanderbilt’s mother related to the Metropolis? She knew Strix too? Could it be that Strix…” “The only thing we know about Strix is that he’s from Morwich. As for whether or not

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