Chapter 557

Nolan lifted his head. “This is Strix’s vaccine. Even if it doesn’t work, at least it won’t kill me.” Quincy was bewildered as if he was guessing which “Strix” Nolan was referring to. “You should’ve prepared for the press conference that’s going to take place in two days, shouldn’t you?” Nolan asked. Quincy returned to his senses. “Yes.” Nolan smiled as he folded the newspaper and then looked out of the window coldly. “That should be very interesting.” At the press conference two days later… The reporters and media outlets that were present were looking forward to this moment. After all, if the vaccine had cured Nolan, it would be a miracle in the history of the medical world. The sleeper virus had swept across Stoslo in the past, causing many deaths. After the fall of the Kents, the news about the fake vaccines had made the public even more exasperated. A man-made disaster had almost dragged the entire Stoslo into hell, and the vaccine that Strix had developed back then, whic

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