Chapter 564

Nolan closed his eyes and scoffed. “What happens after we get a divorce?” He opened his eyes while looking cold. “I should accept Sue?” Titus paused. Even though Sue had snatched the vaccine from Strix, she had done that to save Nolan. If they hadn’t switched the vaccines, Nolan wouldn't be in such a dangerous predicament. Titus didn’t fully trust Sue either, so he wouldn’t try to push them together. “Any woman other than Maisie would work.” Nolan smiled, but he looked more sinister. “It’s been three years, but you still like to interfere in my affairs.” Titus growled, “I’m your grandfather, and I’m doing this for your own good. Even if what happened three years ago wasn’t her fault, without her, you wouldn't have been infected and fallen into their trap!” He knew that Maisie was innocent, but Nolan had almost lost his life ever since meeting her. He felt sorry for Maisie about the accident, but they should never have been together. They shouldn’t still be in contact after the

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