Chapter 567

Maisie’s face sank. She said, “I remember I gave you a chance to admit it, right?” Rowena was stumped. Maisie rose to her feet and stopped in front of Rowena. She looked down at her and continued. “Rowena, I knew you didn’t want to work for Daniel back then. I gave you a chance, but you didn’t appreciate it. Why would I plot against you? It's because you participated in Daniel's plan. You were the one who pulled the trigger. You were the one who kidnapped me and lured Nolan into Daniel's trap. And now you're saying that you truly love him?” Maisie cupped her chin with her hands and said, “If you truly loved Nolan, you wouldn't have put him in danger, nor would you have watched his mother die back then!” Rowena’s pupils constricted, and she felt as if her organs had twisted together. Maisie continued. “Do you know that it's exactly because you refused to save and even hid the information about Nolan's mother that made him lose his mother? So what makes you think that the Goldmanns

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