Chapter 56

“Given Mr. Goldmann’s status, it would be extremely weird if he really did work with Willow to frame you six years ago.” Ryleigh’s words silenced Maisie, and she continued. “Furthermore, if he knew about what happened six years ago, wouldn’t he have known that the three rascals are his children? He wouldn’t need to get a paternity test.” Maisie looked down. “I know what you mean. He probably wouldn’t be interested in working with Willow to frame me, but he’s still Willow’s boyfriend. I’m not interested in anything that’s related to Willow.” The corner of Ryleigh’s lips twitched. Maisie was just being picky! Ryleigh seemed to have remembered something and smiled. “Why don’t you consider my cousin then? Seeing how much he dotes on Waylon and Daisie, I’m sure he’d be happy.” “Haha, you’re dragging your cousin into this?” Helios’ fans would tear her apart if they heard this. Ryleigh laughed, her shoulders shaking. “Do not tell Waylon and the rest about anything that happened today

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