Chapter 573

They took the elevator to the executive steak house located on the 12th floor. The entire restaurant seemed to have been reserved. Several bodyguards were waiting on the outside, and only a few waitresses were left behind to serve them. Yorrick was waiting in the corridor. He looked down at his watch when the two of them arrived. “You’re quite punctual.” Nolan asked indifferently, “Where’s Grandmother?” “She’s inside,” Yorrick said, turned around, and led them in. Nolan held Maisie’s hand as they walked toward the dining room. Soon, they saw a white-haired old lady sitting alone at the dining table with her back facing them, fiddling with a green rose found in a vase in her hand. Yorrick walked up to Madam Hathaway’s side and bent down. “Grandmother.” Nolan led Maisie around the long white table to the seat opposite Madam Hathaway. Madam Hathaway then inserted the flower into the vase, placed it aside, and slowly raised her head. “It’s been so many years since I last saw you. Ho

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