Chapter 577

If they weren’t careful, everyone on the boat would lose their lives. Titus and Waylon were tied to the deck. He didn’t expect that Sue was Rowena. “Rowena, what do you want? Don’t do anything to the child. Just put all your anger on me.” Titus tried to convince her, but Rowena wasn’t having any of that and yelled back with a crazy expression, “Shut up!” She had completely lost her mind. “Do you think I would still believe anything a Goldmann says?” Titus saw that she was emotionally unstable and started worrying. His face darkened. “Rowena, we have never done anything bad to you.” They had really never done anything wrong. They had taken her in and brought her up. When had they ever treated her badly? Titus trusted her, but she had fallen from grace because of her selfishness. “Do you think you didn’t do anything to me?” Rowena screamed with all her might, “I’ve done so much for your family. How could you just kick me aside?” Her eyes were red. “Everything I have done was

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