Chapter 579

“Where is my mom?” Nolan was impatient and tried to get up after moving his blanket away. Quincy pushed him down. “Mr. Goldmann, you have not fully recovered yet.” Maisie walked into the ward. Nolan looked at her and was a little stunned. Quincy turned to look at her. “Ms. Vanderbilt. You see that Mr. Goldman might—” “I know.” Maisie walked to his bed and leaned down to look at Nolan, smiling. Nolan asked with no change in expression, “Who are you?” “Me?” Maisie smiled. “I’m the wife that the 32-year-old you married.” Quincy looked at her with surprise but didn’t say anything. Nolan’s memory was stuck at 17. Even though they couldn’t be sure if Nolan could recover, this was what they had to deal with now. Nolan looked at her. His calm face didn’t show any signs of disgust or rejection as he let this stranger get close. When Maisie approached, his heart skipped a beat. Nolan subconsciously raised his hand to touch her face, but she grabbed his wrist and smiled. “I’m your futu

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