Chapter 582

Nolan did not know what to say. The car was slowly moving toward the East Island Villa. Nolan did not know how to get along with his son along the journey, but there was an inexplicable desire to get closer to him in his heart. The good thing was that Waylon did not make things hard for him at this time and took the initiative to spark a conversation with him. Nolan only had memories from before he was 17, so it was not too hard for him to talk to an 8,5-year-old boy. Maisie turned her head to look at the father-son duo and asked Quincy in a soft voice, “Is this how Nolan looked like when he was 17?” Quincy nodded. “Yeah.” Then, he sighed slightly and continued. “Mr. Goldmann did use to be like this in the past before the incident involving Madam Goldmann.” Maisie did not say anything as she looked at Nolan. Nolan used to be a man who would give off an indifferent and imposing vibe that made people reluctant to get close to him. However, right now, he had become a lot more approa

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