Chapter 587

Daisie ran up to Nolan. “Daddy, has your illness been cured?” Nolan was stunned, probably because he was not mentally prepared for the title “Daddy”. He was petrified for a while. Daisie tilted her head. “Daddy?” Quincy brought Daisie aside immediately, leaned over, and looked at her. “Young Miss, your father had an accident, and he doesn’t remember a lot of things up here.” He pointed to his head. Daisie blinked. “Are you saying that Daddy has gone dumb?” The corners of Quincy’s lips twitched slightly. Maisie walked to Daisie’s side, squatted down, and sorted her messy braids. “Your daddy’s memories make him a 17-year-old teenager now, so he may not be able to remember us for the time being.” Daisie and Colton exchanged glances and then looked at Nolan. Their eyes teared up as if they felt sorrow over Nolan’s condition. Nolan clenched his hand into a fist, placed it in front of his lips, cleared his throat, and then looked away. “I’ll remember everything soon.” Maisie got up

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