Chapter 589

“Yeah.” Maisie closed the newspaper and raised her head. “I’m heading to the company today, so I won’t stay here with you.” “Are you going to work too?” “Otherwise, are you going to pay my bills?” She raised her eyebrows with a smirk, picked up a glass of milk on the table, finished it in one go, and was about to get up. “Are you saying that I can’t afford to pay your bills for you?” Nolan looked at her aggressively. ‘Am I so lousy that even my wife has to go out to work now?’ Maisie could not help laughing upon hearing this. She walked to his side and leaned over to look at him with her arms propped against the dining table, pretending to be aggrieved. “I went out to work because you said you dislike prodigal women. You also mentioned that you prefer smart and independent women.“ “D-Did I say that?” Nolan frowned and pondered over that statement for a moment but to no avail. Maisie pressed her fingertips against his lips and said in an enchanting and seductive tone, “Hubby, I’m

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