Chapter 58

Maisie slowed down, and a frown slowly formed on her face. Nolan made public the paternity test? She turned and looked toward the staff in front of the elevator. They were too engrossed in the discussion and didn’t notice her. “Is that true? Don’t spread rumors.” “Quincy confirmed it. Why would he lie?” “But isn’t it weird for Mr. Goldmann to go all the way to Coralia to run a test? Doesn’t Bassburgh have a Bureau of Justice?” Maisie froze in her tracks, and her hands balled up. What was going on? Did he not believe that the report was real? Joe had been very careful. Nolan just wanted proof. Anyone who saw the negative results would have just let it go. If he really was going to get a test at Coralia, she had to do something. She took out her phone and hesitated. Was she really going to send someone to intercept it at Coralia? ‘Wait a second!’ Maisie stopped. It was suspicious for Nolan to make the test public. He had already run a test. If he didn’t believe that the resu

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