Chapter 592

Nolan couldn’t remember Maisie, so by right, she shouldn’t be able to affect him. However, that was not the case in reality. From the moment he had seen her, he was drawn to her like a magnet. He wanted to take care of her, love her, and get closer to her. His heart was pounding rapidly, his pulses went out of control, and his body temperature rose gradually. Maisie could even feel the heat of his body through his hand. Maisie returned to her senses and cupped his face. She parted her cherry red lips slightly and asked, “Are you confessing to me?” Nolan squinted his eyes but did not say anything. Maisie wrapped her hand around his waist and pressed her face on his chest. While she listened to his heartbeat, she continued. “Nolan, I'll wait for the day you remember everything, no matter how long it takes. You still owe me a promise, so you have to get your memory back.” Nolan pressed her thin lip tightly as he moved his hand over her hair that draped over her shoulder in a long ca

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