Chapter 594

Ryleigh froze. Her father had been nagging her about her marriage with Louis, and the only reason he was letting her stay in his house was that he thought she had decided to marry Louis. ‘Will my father chase me out of the house if I tell him that I want to cancel the marriage?’ She turned back to the couch and sat down. Looking at Louis, she said, “But if it’s your family that canceled the marriage, my father wouldn’t force me to marry you.” Louis’s eyes glimmered. “Everyone in Bassburgh knows about the marriage between our families, so do you think it’s that easy to cancel it? Besides, even if we want to cancel the marriage, your family will get the short end of the stick. Do you think your father would allow something like that to happen?” Ryleigh did not know what to say. Just when she was hemming and hawing, Maisie and Larissa came downstairs. When Larissa saw them, she smiled and said, “Ryleigh, what are you guys talking about?” “Aunt Larissa, I—” “We’re talking about our

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