Chapter 603

Maisie burst into laughter. “Yes, he cheated on me. He cheated on me with me.” Ryleigh was quiet for a few seconds. “Oh, so it’s you. What were you two doing at that time?” “What else could I do?” Maisie stopped writing and raised her gaze. “Everyone in Bassburgh knows that he has divorced me, so if I were to reveal my identity to the public swaggeringly while Nolan is still suffering from amnesia, he’d have to face the media while he can’t remember a thing. How troublesome would that be?” Ryleigh clicked her tongue and said, “Why do you care so much about your amnesiac husband’s feelings now?” Maisie did not say much but instead asked, “I wonder, where did you get this gossip? It hasn’t even appeared on the news or the Internet, yet you’ve already heard about it!” “I was added into a celebrities’ WhatsApp group chat by some of my friends a while back. They were gossiping about this, and I’ve been reading their messages without responding to any of them.” After saying so, Ryleigh

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