Chapter 613

“Is it because I’ve lost my memory?” Nolan parted his lips and said, looking as pitiful as a little kid who his parents had abandoned, “Is that why you don’t need me anymore?” Maisie chuckled and threw herself into his arms. She pressed her lips on his ear and said, “Who told you that I don’t need you anymore? I need your heart. I want your body. I want to make every single inch of you mine.” Nolan looked at her intently. Her smile was charming and alluring. It tickled his heart all the time, and every cell in his body was screaming at him to get closer to her. He kissed her forehead and said in a serious manner, “Let’s go home first, and I’m all yours.” The night was getting darker. The light on the bedside table cast a warm yellow light under it. Half of Nolan's face was lit by the light as he ran over Maisie's hair with his finger. Maisie turned around and buried herself in his chest. Then she said, “Nolan, I want to borrow someone from you.” Nolan lowered his head and aske

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