Chapter 61

“Mister, can you tie me a bow?” Daisie started crying again as teardrops began to roll down her cheeks. “Stop crying!” the man roared so loudly that his voice became hoarse. Daisie, who was startled by the man, pursed her lips as she wept silently and stared at him without uttering another word. The man tied her a bow, stood up, and walked behind the man with a brush-cut. “Do you think that Ms. Vanderbilt has lost her mind? She’s actually going to pay the both of us $80,000 each just to kidnap these two...” “Why, is that too much for you?” The man with a brush-cut took out a cigarette and lit it while interrupting him, “You can get the f*ck out of here if you don’t want to proceed with this. I can f*cking deal with these two puny b*stards by myself!” “Of course I’m in. How can I say no to this job? I’m just saying that this is way too easy for the money that we’re about to get.” The man grinned from ear to ear. ‘Two children are worth $160,000. Won’t we get paid $320,000 if we we

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