Chapter 630

Helios offered Nolan a smile and did not say anything. Quincy did not know what to say. It seemed to him that Nolan would lose his ability to think rationally when it came to Maisie. At Soul Jewelry… Saydie informed Maisie that Yorick and Madam Vanderbilt had brought Hector back to Coralia. The police were in the process of helping them to get the money back from Cindy. Although they currently could only get a few thousand dollars back, they had put a travel restriction on Cindy, so she couldn't run away from them. Maisie did not say anything. Madam Vanderbilt started behaving nicer after the incident. At her age, even if she still wanted to keep causing them trouble, she wouldn't have the chance to do so either. Her grandson had spent all her money and had got swindled. Her son refused to acknowledge her, so of course, she wouldn’t have the time and mind to think about Stephen’s assets. #Alice plagiarizes Zora# The headline that popped up on Facebook’s new feed nearly made M

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