Chapter 651

Eugene paused. “Did Samantha tell you that I’m here?” Christina put down her teacup and mocked him. “Samantha has protected your other woman Katrina for so long, yet you suspect her?” Eugene was quiet. Christina stood up. “Samantha is a decent woman. Leaving you wasn’t a loss for her but for you. You’ll regret this one day, and Yael and I will not help you anymore.” They walked out of the room next door. Ryleigh wanted to see her aunt and get some news but was probably there for the gossip. Maisie and Barbara stopped in the hallway, and after Ryleigh left, she slowly spoke. “Were you the one who snitched him to Mrs. Boucher?” “Yes,” Barbara admitted. Maisie was a little surprised, “How did you find out such private news of the Bouchers?” Even the media didn’t know that Eugene was cheating, but she knew. She was even the one who had told them that Mrs. Boucher was here. Barbara flipped her hair and smiled at her. “I know Katrina.” Maisie was shocked. Barbara leaned against t

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